Where and How To Find Free High-Quality Samples & Drum Kits?

Where and How To Find Free High-Quality Samples & Drum Kits?

Are you in charge of making music and background music for a TVC? Are you aiming for a drum beat to go with the jingle that you are creating, but you hardly have the time? Then what do you do? It is a universal fact that creating drum patterns on loop and searching for perfect samples might take a long time. From finalizing a band or getting a studio ready on one side, the cost aspect also adds to the woes. This is when you might think of going for the free quality samples available online.

Why is it such a task to get drum patterns?

There are drums that go with specific songs, and background music that has their own character and this is something relatable. However, just the drum beats do not comprise to be music entirely. So, people prefer to check online for a free sample pack of these patterns.

But while selecting these patterns one must take extreme care since all quality samples are available across various sites.

Still, if there is a time in hand, one would need to check out the other works related to the project and its final release. That is why considering the option of going for getting free samples from companies like Hugiz Records is a great way out.

Where and how to get these samples?

The site of Hugiz Records has a library of royalty and credit-free beats and drums patterns to choose from. Moreover, all of these are ready to customize. If anyone seeks professionals to do the editing and the cropping up, he or she can just request it and get immediately from the site.

The site comes with a MIDI access to the users who can create and edit any music in any way they want. They can also check out the music available already along with the drum loops that they can use at any time.

The site offers packages with special features for the users to have fun listening. Each package has specific snares, vox, and other instrument counts as per the package requirement.

With so much of convenience, finding the high-quality music for mixing is no longer a headache. The production toolkit is compatible and suitable for those who have a keen ear for details and rendition and cannot compromise on offering superior quality drums to any project they take. These sample sounds will be ready to download and use as soon as you sign up and get ready to mix.


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10 Things To Avoid While Producing A Music & BeatMaking

10 Things To Avoid While Producing A Music & BeatMaking


It is enjoyable to listen to music and the music industry gets thousands of aspiring musicians releasing their tracks just with the hope of becoming famous one day.

But while starting to produce music, people often commit a few mistakes.

Here are the top 10 things to avoid while making music or beat making.

  1. Do not overspend unnecessarily: Yes, it is a temptation that you must resist at all costs. You might feel the urge to spend on big equipment and having plugins that probably will not be necessary at all.
  2. Not listening to new music: It is absolutely essential to stay abreast of the latest happenings and the music that is constantly changing around.
  3. Use too many effects: Computer is great since it gives an ultimate number of patterns and effects. But that does not mean that you use all of them or most of them on one song.
  4. Do not ignore the monitors: Both the performers’ monitor and the studio monitors are your guides to keep the track in check. Timely inspection and checking sound that these give off shall help you a great deal. Do not ignore any glitches that your performer might hear making them go off-tune.
  5. Do not just imitate your idol: Dreaming to be big like your idol is great. But imitating his or her kind of music is not a great way to grow. Most of the new music producers make this mistake of recording music to sound like their idol.
  6. Increase the production of tracks: Do not try to make one good track simply. That will just eat up time, and you will not get to experiment with composing and practice the entire process well enough.
  7. Do not underestimate: Nothing is too simple though things are available these easily online. Making music is all about creativity, and it is not yet manufactured.
  8. Not using presets: These days there are sample packs of beats and effects and though a professional musician might not be using it wholly, it is not wrong to experiment with these at all.
  9. Not taking opinions: Music should ideally appeal to the listeners. Make your friends with music knowledge to listen to your tracks and seek their honest feedback from time to time.
  10. Ignoring social media: Use social media for promotion and release on the internet if you want. Just let your music reach out before approaching a label.
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Easy Hip Hop Chord Progressions to Use in your Beats!

Easy Hip Hop Chord Progressions to Use in your Beats!


Hip Hop music has taken the world by storm, and though it has been around for quite some time it is now that people universally are appreciating it. If you have started listening to some of the top names in this genre of music, and are trying to play or sing along, then it is time for you to know the chord progressions. There are single chord progressions and other specifications too available that work fine.

Hip hop music chord progressions are as varied just as in any other genre of music. However, if you wish to try out hip hop chords here are a few ideas.

Inversions: If you are trying to play on the keyboard, then make sure that you know the minors from the major. The inversions also are going to come in handy and whether it is E minor 1st inversion or A minor 1st inversion, do not get confused. Just try to listen and keep an eye on the keyboard and ears on the melody to get it right.

Learn the chord progressions in C Major: One of the most favorite chords of all musicians in the hip hop genre has to be the C Major. The tunes can be on C-E-G-C or you across the scales of 1, 3, and 5 primarily. However, adjusting the bars will be essential if you seek variety.

The Minors of 2-5-1 Progression: Just like the majors and the chords, the minors also carry great value in the hip hop music industry. The minors of 2, 5, 1 are in well-liked tracks that create a soulful rendition on bars.

The I Minor first and V Minor fifth: These two are quite popular among the legends in hip hop and rap and there are songs in this style that are appealing. Listen to those while taking inspiration from these beats.

Points to note before trying new progression:

It is definitely worth a try to go for the famous and done to death hip hop chord progressions. But music is ready for innovation and just limiting oneself with these chords will be a harsh thing to do to music as a whole.

Do not worry about rhythms. Let the words flow and just be cautious to match the beat while remembering the lyrics and tones right.

Let the hip hop music sway you as much as you enchant your audience.

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Better Techniques and Tips for Kick Drum to Sound Good

Better Techniques and Tips for Kick Drum to Sound Good



The kick drum techniques include a right mix of saturation, equalizer, and compression. This will give a nice separation or the definition of Mixing kick drum. The kick is an important factor in many musical scenarios. The right mix of the kick can be challenging as enhancement or shaping of the kick is a vital part. Let us now see some of the best tips and techniques on how to mix a kick drum.

Kick Saturation

The application of distortion or the saturation to the kick helps in highlighting the “Harmonic Frequencies.” It also helps in improving the presence and thickening of the overall sound. This helps in the great mixing of the kick drums and provides a considerable punch to the kick.

The saturation helps in gluing the layered kicks of the drum together that creates a more unified sound while using the kick drum. Further, the sound translates better through the small speakers of the speakers or the laptops. One can even use the third-party plugins to create a great mix.

Equalization Process

In the process of enhancing your kicks, one might try various frequency ranges. The person can also use the “digital parametric” EQ to address various frequencies. Some of the ranges are:

  • Using a Clarity Filter: The use of high-pass filter can clean the kick drum’s low-end. The filtering below 50Hz will make the cleaning right.
  • Sort out Boominess: In order to avoid the Boominess of the kick drum, one can cut around 200 to 250 Hz. In case, you notice any kind of muddiness in the sound.
  • Focus on LowEnd Thump: One must notice the low-end in the Equalization if the kick does not possess necessary bass. A lower shelving boost of 80 to 100 Hz will do the needful.
  • Cut Boxiness: It should be cut when it goes from 300 to 600 Hz or so on.
  • Filter the High-End: If you do not require the high-end sound while mixing kick drum, then filter it down to nearly 10 kHz.

Tuning the Kick Drum

It is necessary to tune the kick while mixing to the tune of your track that will make the sound harmonic and pleases the kick drum mix. In this technique, one needs to find the ‘root note’ of their track and mix it with the note of the kick.

Using Compression

A good producer can work out on the kick while compressing few decibels to make it sound consistent that can start with the ratio of 4:1. In rock and pop kick, use 6:1 ratio to achieve the consistency in the sound. The producer can use different compression plugins to achieve a great sound.

To conclude, the producer must keep the EQs, frequencies, Saturation, Compression, etc. according to the kick drum pitch. This will help in creating great music.

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Why Artists Need Mixing and Mastering Services for the Better Music?

To make the music sound better and melodious for the listeners it is necessary to take the Mixing and mastering services from a pro or an experienced sound engineer. This helps the artists to get the industrial sound-like music that they cannot get from cheap and free online services. Here are some points that throw light on the fact that why artists need mix/mastering services.

  • As the music industry is getting competitive, so the pitch-perfect music is a mandate in the present times. For a better overall experience for the listeners, it is necessary to get the services from the mix/mastering pro.
  • The artists can go ahead with the mixing and mastering differently as under mixing they can add effects and use tools to make the music look according to expectation. Under mastering, the artists can give a perfect shine by taking the help of online tools and software.
  • In order to make and deliver the enjoyable music that is heaven to listener’s ears, it is necessary to opt for the mix and mastering. This will help in marinating the quality of the music and this is a cost-effective way.

Difference between Mixing and Mastering Services

Although mix/mastering are an important part of the music production process, it becomes hard to differentiate both techniques. Here is the brief overview of What’s the difference between mix and mastering.

  • Mixing is the first step that is done before mastering and involves combining and adjusting the individual tracks. Here the audio file is made after mixdown with the usage of different instruments. This involves bass, vocals, drums, guitars, keyboards, etc. The mixing is mainly carried out when the artist has separate musical instruments in various audio files.
  • The next step is mastering where the sound engineer will maximize the stereo file in order to impart the sound that is required by the artist. It includes providing finishing through compression, EQ, widening, loudness, etc. The mastering is usually done with one stereo pair of the mixed audio files.

It becomes necessary for the artists to get the mix/mastering services from the pro sound engineer if they are not well-versed with the sound tools. Hugiz Records is one such popular online site that extends Mixing and mastering services to its clients at affordable prices. The professionals help the artists to create the type of music that they exactly require for their album.

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10 Easy Tips for Beginners on How To Rap

If you have grown up listening to the likes of Eminem, and cannot even imagine a day without listening to Tupac and Dr. Dre, or Jay Z, you surely know good music. It takes a lot of honing up of skills, and most of it comprises of song-writing skills that dictate your future as a rapper.

Here are a few valuable tips on how to rap for beginner.

  1. Listen to the iconic rappers:
    Listen to rappers who challenged social norms and their circumstances with their music. From the rappers of the seventies, to the present day rappers, look for the best and listen to their music.
  2. Learn rhyme and rhyme schemes:
    Rapping involves wordplay, and flow, and most importantly, rhyming and rhythm. There could be words that could be split to sound like a rhyme and two words could be used to rhyme with a single word.
  3. Rap lyrics writing:
    You may check out rap tutorial available online or even go through books by famous rappers. However, it has to be totally your own lyrics for you to sing.
  4. Count the bars and note the tones:
    Very vital to rapping and producing music are the bars that could be around 12 or 15 on an average at the beginning.
  5. Rap as you write:
    Just as you write try to rap and practice it out by singing it aloud. This will not just prepare you far ahead but also help you reduce any faux pas at a live event.
  6. Try to learn from mistakes:
    It is natural that many a times, the rhyming will not come out just the way you wanted it though it had worked with the audience.
  7. Record your rap practice:
    Once you are ready with your lyrics, try rapping and recording them. When you record you listen to yourself and also realize two things- your voice on record and your rapping style.
  8. Remember the song structure:
    Many a times, it becomes vital to know where the choruses join you and where your lines are longer too.
  9. Practice rapping daily:
    In order to ace in the act and before a live audience, you need to practice daily just so that you can improvise later on if you wish.
  10. Freestyle to perfection:
    Though it might seem too much to ask for initially, with practice and performances, it would be quite easy.

As we conclude the tips for rapper, we must admit that whatever you rap, it has to be heartfelt and totally in touch with reality.

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7 Ways Music Producers & Beat Makers Make Money

Times are changing in the music industry, and though there are talks about internet ruining it and all, music producers or beat makers are making money. How do music producers make money? This is a question that might be in the minds of those who are just planning to become a full-time professional music producer. There are x ways beat makers earn money and not just by collaborating with a big music label that we shall discuss now.

  1. Start producing with limited resources
    If you are starting from a home studio, then you might be able to work on limited resources and yet, your music will go out and make the right noise. Make sure that with each production, you level up your studio set up.
  2. Sell sound kits and drum patterns & Vst’s
    There is a thriving market where composers and musicians are on the lookout for beats and samples to insert in their jingles and songs. The market is open for those who can sell polished and ready samples online at the right time to music labels and musicians.
  3. Get royalties
    There are two types of royalties- performance and mechanical royalties that you, as a music producer can collect. You can collect these when someone downloads or performs these songs. However, you would need to register for becoming eligible to get that.
  4. Professional mixing and production services
    Offering these services to a musician or to a production house is a feasible way to earn well as a music producer. If your music is polished and has won hearts with almost all the mixes, then you can certainly look forward to earning this way here.
  5. Selling beats
    There are a few reputed websites online where you can try to sell beats for hip-hop This would mean that you just make the beats and sell them to those who are looking for well-produced beats.
  6. Monetizing via tutorials
    The internet comes to the rescue once again and those aiming to earn by teaching music can do so here. Only make sure that your music content is a little unique.
  7. Selling merchandise
    It is not merely big and popular musicians can do it. Even music producers can come up with merchandise that can have cool graphic t-shirts and other such items. Selling them via online platforms like eBay or Shopify can bring in revenue too.

Answering your question of how do beat makers do make money, are these seven effective ways that are easy to take up and great for generating revenue.

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Best Computers For Music Production 2018 | For Beatmaking


MAC computers are considered to be the prime choice of people who are looking for the best computer for music producers. You can choose from the wide assortment of MAC computers, available in the market.

MAC OS Vs windows PC OS

The Mac OS is run by the different models of the computers, that is manufactured by Apple. The operating systems of MAC computers run on the UNIX base owing to which it is more secure, stable and can be used with ease. Several people consider displayed graphical interface as user-friendly. Owing to the UNIX core of MAC computers, they are less prone to the virus attacks. The Apple computer systems feature a high-resolution retina display, smooth touchpad, and keyboard of premium quality. The operating system of windows PC runs on IBM microprocessors. Linux and Microsoft Windows are the most popular operating systems for Windows PC.

What Is Important While Choosing To Build Your Own Computer

If you are searching for Computer for music production, you need to find one where abundant space is available for the creation of music. Whether you want to knock out the beats, record the bands, capture a complete orchestra, write music for films, the computer should have a strong CPU processing power. In case you are willing to load the large sample libraries, the count of RAM memory is indispensable. Fro recording the live instruments, you need a plethora of hard disk space. The MAC computers are an excellent choice in this regard as the narrow focus makes it stable. Due to the connections with the hardware, it is considered to be an attractive platform for the developers of the music technology as DAWs need intense software that runs on third-party hardware. The audio interface developers of Apple Mac are aware of which hardware parts it should be connected to. Choosing the right keyboards is a must for people who aim to create music on MAC computers. It will be helpful in hitting the right chords and notes. They are beneficial for the drums and different other notes.

What is the most important component of the computer while producing a music

The most crucial component of the computer for the music production is the keyboard. This is essential in order to hit the right notes for the creation of the music. CPU or central processing unit is recognized to be the heart of MAC. Audio work of high end is known to be processor intensive. It is recommended to choose a MAC computer which is equipped with the best processor. If you want professional effects and plugins while producing the music, say no to low priced macs. The hard drive is the part where all the created music will be stored. You need to select Macs having SSD drives. These drives are quiet in their operation and work fast. For the creation of music, you should find a laptop which will be fitting different things on a single screen. Hence, you should go for a laptop with a screen size of above 15 inches.

Laptop Recommendations for Music Production

Mac Pro is the best computer for music production for the creation of music. It has a bunch of benefits owing to which it is considered to be a great choice for the music production. You can also refer to iMac for the purpose. Other brands, chosen by are inclusive of Apple Mac mini, Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro Laptop, Apple iMac MNE02LL/A 21.5 Inch, Apple 13″ MacBook Pro, Apple Mac Mini. The Apple Mac Mini is available at the rate of $949. If you are looking for a budget laptop for creating music, you should go for this. The other varieties of budget MAC laptops for music production are inclusive of Apple iMAC MNE02LL/A 21.5 Inch that comes with the price of $1,089 whereas you can purchase Apple 13 Inch MacBook Pro Laptop for $1,249. Apple MNED2LL/A can be bought with $1,089 whereas Apple Mac Mini can be availed at the rate of $1,699. If you have a higher budget, you can consider buying Apple 15″ MacBook Pro. This is one of the top mac computers for producing music which is available at the rate of $2,239.

As you buy a laptop for production music, make sure that it has a powerful RAM, an ample amount of storage space, powerful CPU and RAM. You should also make sure that the screen of the laptop is large enough for doing all the activities related to music production.

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What is 808 kick and how have 808s evolved over the years?

What are 808s and how have they evolved over the years?


You have probably heard music producers talking about 808s, and how essential they are in music production. Over the years, they have been used in a wide array of genres including Trap, R&B, EDM and much more…These iconic drum sounds were made popular by Roland’s Rhythm Composer drum machine. The machine made its first appearance on the scene earlier 1980 but was discontinued three years later.

Nonetheless, in subsequent years Roland Corporation launched a new product of these drum sounds and they named it as Roland AIRA TR-8. This new version not only came with the TR-808 machine but incorporated the TR-909 drum machine as well.

808 kick in Hip Pop music

Needless to say, Hip Hop music stands out from other genres because of its unique booming bass sound. The music has always been majorly centered around the chief elements of a drum kit: the snare drum, bass drum, and the hi-hat. In fact, the heavy use of drum machines and classic drum samplers, especially the Roland TR-808 machine is what makes these sounds get an edge over the other genres.

Today, the sub kick is deeply associated with modern music, the 808, and trap music at large. Musicians are increasingly becoming enamored with this 808 sub kick because of its ability to tune the sine wave that constitutes the “body” of bass sound to any preferred note. Thus, you can achieve a double sound: attack transient, followed by a very low, tuned bass sound referred to as sustain and decay.

Furthermore, 808 sub kicks are melodic and percussive in nature, which makes it possible to be used as a bass instrument and at the same time in the capacity of kick drums to mark the downbeats.

Getting the better 808s

If you want to get the best out of 808s, consider the following;

• Choose the right sample

Selecting the samples that suit your genre is very important. If you load samples that don’t match the feel of your composition, you will definitely have problems when mixing. Remember, 808’s must sound nice before processing anything. You should audition several samples before deciding the best for your track.

• Tuning your 808’s

When your 808’s do not sit well in the mix, it’s because they are not in tune with the song you are playing. If you have problems with tuning your 808’s, I recommend the subculture 808’s because they are pre-tuned.

• Pair the 808’s with a kick

Layering your 808’s with a kick can add that extra oomph you have been looking for. However, you should experiment with kicks that are short and tight and have mid-range frequencies.

The Bottom Line

Summarily, 808 samples are prime for modern-day music production, and they are used from electronic music production to hip-hop to contemporary metal. They can, however, be difficult to mix, generally competing with such elements as your bass and kick, and if you cannot choose or process them properly they can easily mess up your mix.

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The Essence of Online Beats Selling 



As they say, music is food for the soul. A good music producer brings joy and vibrancy into the lives of many. The producer can play this role even more successfully by learning the art of beats selling. There is a lot to be gained by harnessing this skill, both for the producers and hi/her fans. This article is a beginner’s guide to selling music online.


Why Take Up Online Beats Selling?

  1. It Has Become Very Easy To Sell Beats Online

The internet has created unlimited possibilities for anyone willing to start selling music online. You can sell music all over the globe, at whatever time of day or night. The internet enables you to get a wide reach of audience. It broadens your clientele reach. Additionally, it is easy to automate the process once the groundwork has been well laid.


  1. Make Money Off Your Passion

If you have a passion for making beats, you can easily make cash. Beats selling can be a lucrative venture that can actually enable you to leave your 9 to 5 job comfortably. Make your beat into a product that you can market. You will be surprised by the income you will generate.

  1. Help People Access Quality Beats

Selling music online is a great way of helping people who are in demand of quality music. Turning your passion for music into a business will help others achieve their dreams. It will be a way of making others happy.

Many entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and effort trying to create a suitable digital product. You can help them by using your talent to create a new beat in a few hours and selling it to them. As you solve their problem, you get an opportunity to make cash.


How Do You Get Started In This Venture? 


  1. Ensure that you have Quality Beats.

Make sure that your beats are good enough to perform well in the online market. You can consider this:

  1. Ensure that the beats are in the correct structure to meet the needs of the music artist.
  2. Get constructive feedback from people who will not fear to criticize your work. The essence of this is to enable you to make better quality beats.
  3. Mix your beats perfectly, so that the music artist can get the best experience from your work.


  1. Respect Copyrights

Beats licensing issues can be tricky. You, therefore, need to ensure that any samples that you use in your work are royalty free. This will help you to avoid any legal tussles.


What Are Your Online Beats Selling Options?

There are many online beats selling options to choose from. It is important out find out the ones that work best for you. Either you can decide to create your own website to sell music, or use the community-based stores like Rocbattle, SoundClick, PMPWorldwide, and MyFlashStore. Both options have their Pros and Cons.

Merits of selling beats through community stores

  1. Customers are easily available
  2. They offer the communities that you need to connect to.
  3. Traffic goes to the homepage
  4. They are easy to set up and are quite fast.


Demerits of selling beats through community stores

  1. It is not very professional
  2. You only have one page on your website profile.
  3. Cut-throat competition. For example, Rocbattle alone has close to 115,000 producers offering their products.
  4. Unstable pricing. Pricing is largely dictated by competition. If a competitor lowers their price, you would be forced to do the same, regardless of your costs.
  5. High monthly fees
  6. The websites are cluttered.
  7. You are restrained on how much customization you can do to your page.


Merits of creating a beats website

  1. It focuses on you – and your music. You have full control of your product.
  2. It looks like serious business and is therefore regarded as more professional.
  3. You can customize it as much as you want.
  4. You can interact with the music artist in a better way.
  5. You have your social media accounts all in one place.


Demerits of Creating Your Beats Website

  1. High initial setup costs – money is needed for web design hosting and domain.
  2. Setting up the website may call for expert help. If not, you could face a lot of frustration and confusion.
  3. Creating a website requires a lot of time.
  4. The onus of traffic generation is on you.

There you have it – two options to choose from! Which do you choose? The prudent thing is to pick both. Your customers are everywhere, and so is your competition! Ensure that you have a foothold in both areas so that your beats can reach your target audience. Add your beats to the community site with a link to your website so that you can control your buyer’s experience as they interact with your music.

Most importantly, be innovative and think outside the box when it comes to the online marketing of your beats. However, be keen on issues regarding beats licensing so that you do not infringe on copyrights.

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