3 mix revisions are always included.

Once your material is received and verified it’ll typically take  2-3 working days for Mixing & Mastering, 14 working days for Remix & Production. For multiple songs or production work, it will take me reasonably longer and it should be discussed with me beforehand.

Absolutely. I use Melodyne® and Ableton Live® to manually edit your tracks

We prefer it if you turn EQ, compression, delays and reverbs off. You can leave other effects that have a musical value (e.g. flanger, chorus etc.). Please make sure that the individual tracks and folder are correctly named, and include your original demo mix, along with other reference tracks and your mix notes.

I Recommend this sites to upload your files :

-Google Drive

-Export all tracks from your DAW software separately (e.g. Kick, Snare, Pad, Vocal).
-Each of the exported tracks should be a WAV file of the same length.
-Put all the tracks in one folder (it will be best if you name each track, e.g. Kick1, Kick2, Main vocal, Vocal doubling)
and then compress the folder (rar or zip).
-Upload the compressed file to a server I can download it from.
-Copy the link and send it to my e-mail address  (hugiz.rec@gmail.com) or my fanpage.
-If you have any reference tracks to show me what sound quality you expect, include their names in the message.
-I will send you the first version of the mix within 48 hours of receiving  the files