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We specialize in producing hip-hop, trap and electronics. We also deal with the realization of music for games, movies and commercials.


We mix all types of music. The mixing is done using equipment of the highest quality in an acoustically treated room.


We master all types of music. The mastering is done using studio monitors of the highest quality.


The studio has been acoustically treated in accordance with all requirements regarding the correct reception of sound, which ensures optimal working conditions and makes it possible to achieve the best results when mixing/mastering projects and producing music and beats.

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My name is Tomasz Moskalski. As the CEO of Hugiz Records, I provide mixing, recording, mastering, and music production. Music has been my passion for over 14 years. I obtained my skills and knowledge from DBS Music University in Berlin. I produce creative and well thought out music with every detail worked out to the very end. I am versatile and experienced and can adjust my productions to the tastes and preferences of my clients. I have created music and beats for vocalists, rappers, computer games, and various types of events. I also work in a studio where I oversee the quality of all recordings, and I make every effort to ensure that recorded tracks do not require additional processing. My goal is your satisfaction and the satisfaction of every one of your listeners, throughout the process of mix mastering.


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