5 Vital Tips for Beginners to Sell Beats Online

There are versatile options available online to sell beats online for the beginners, but it is you who has to decide which platforms seem best for selling the beats. One can make huge money if they sell beats tutorial or terrific hip-hop instrumental beats. The only question here arises is How to sell beats or where to sell beats online. This can be a tedious task for the beginners as there are many beat selling communities like the BeatStars or the Airbit. So, it becomes difficult to choose the right online beat selling community. Below are some five vital tips for beginners to sell their beats online.

1. Participation in the Musical Forums

Many beats selling communities have the established musical forums that the artist can join where the beginners can ask questions related to the selling of the beats. Moreover, there are many popular music producers on this forum. One can get feedback on the production of beats, good music, and newer techniques to devise new beats.

2. Joining the Online Beat Competitions

The popular beat selling websites like Rocbattle has the online beat battles or competition that allows the beginners to show their talent. Even the higher points the beginners get in the beat battle or the musical producer poll statistics help them to get exposure on the producer musical charts. This helps the beginners to make a place in the online musical community and sell their beats with ease.

3. Opt for Free Giveaways

Most people like free things so if you want to obtain the user’s E-mail address, then go ahead with free giveaway beats. This will help the beatmakers to get the user’s attention, and they can easily sell their new beats or offer them at competent rates.

4. Do Away with Promotion

While the beatmakers are accessing various profiles online, they can put their URL on the social media sites, published blogs, E-mail signatures, forums, etc. This is an easier way to promote their online beat creation work. It will attract the genuine traffic to their respective sites or beats blogs.

More Knowledge
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How We Can Help You
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5. Adding Store Widget to Your Music Site

It is necessary to include “store widget” to your website that will help in uploading the beats online. This widget will help the beatmakers to receive a code that allows the corresponding beats to show up on the site. Another advantage is that when people will buy the respective beats then the track will be automatically sold to the purchaser, and the beatmakers do not have to deliver them manually. For some inspiration, you can check our beat shop!

To sum up, these vital tips for the beginners will help them to go a long way and sell their beats online to make a good amount of money. They have to take care of the sound quality and samples and voila! Here they are going to receive the massive audience.

Now you know how to sell beats online. Congratulations! Grab free sample pack, create a new beat today and send it to us – We will turn it into a real masterpiece!

Good luck!

Tomek from Hugiz Records

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