Producing music isn’t a walk in the park. It is time-consuming and requires an incredible amount of focus. You need a workflow that speeds up the process. Moreover, when you are in the creative zone and ideas seamlessly ensue out of you into the computer, you don’t want any distraction.

Unfortunately, distractions are everywhere in this technologically advanced world, compelling people to multitask on just about everything. For example, social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging and WhatsApp are roadblocks in any endeavor that requires intense focus.

Usually, when you are in the middle of creating a track, progressing well, and about to get the drum groove sound tight, you get a popup signaling a WhatsApp message, and you are immediately curious what message you got. Without knowing it, you lost a splendid music production flow.


So how do you prevent such a problem from recurring?


Clearly, your willpower needs some supplement, and to completely lock out distractions, you should procure a revolutionary application called Cold Turkey.


Cold Turkey Blocker


Cold Turkey is easily the most effective distraction blocker in the world. It works by creating something like a firewall to deny you access to specific websites for a set period of time. The application comes fitted with a preset list of common time wasters such as YouTube, Buzz Feed, Twitter, and Facebook. Of course, you can customize the list by including websites that you think hamper your productivity as a music producer.

To block a website, choose Timer’, input the time and date you’d like the block to end, and switch it on. There are two versions of the application – the freeware version and the premium one. The kind of service and customization allowable is wholly dependent on whether you chose to shell out some money or you are enjoying a free ride. The premium application requires you to fork out $19, allowing you to schedule website blocks and include break periods. The free version of Cold Turkey, however, completely blocks websites for a set period without the option of a break period.

With the Cold Turkey blocker, you can block a website for a maximum of seven days, with the option of choosing the desired place and time, which can be either in a 24 hour or 12-hour format. It does what it promises – cruelly. For example, should you decide to block Facebook and later change your mind, you’ll have to wait until your time expires. If you turn crafty and try to unblock yourself, the app will reset the time and block you a new for the set period. You can’t open the task manager to end the process nor can you uninstall the program when it is running. Basically, there is no known above-board way of circumventing the application – it just must do its job.

That is exactly what you need as a music producer to beat distraction and procrastination and become more effective and productive in music production. Perhaps the only way you can go round the restrictions of the Cold Turkey blocker is to try and access the forbidden sites through a proxy server – which isn’t advisable. Just muster the self-discipline to avoid circumventing the app and you’ll grow more effective and productive in your groove as a producer.

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