If you are looking for rap beats and instrumentals, then you are on the right page. Hugiz Records offers the best possible quality of rap beats. We have professional high-quality beats and you can now enjoy the perfect beats that you can use to, write to, sing over, rap over or use for any arts and media application. Choose our beats and improve your music. We are here to take your music to new heights. You can choose from different styles of our beats. We have a variety of instrumentals and we are always striving to improve and expand our music. We have that kind of sound that you are looking for. All your purchase with us will be safe, secure, and confidential. My name is Tomasz Moskaiski and I’m here to bring you the best beats in the market. Below, you can find my step by step guide to buying beats on my page, different license overview, and great deals and discounts that you can avail on my page.

Here is a step by step guide on how to buy beats from my shop:

Step 1: Choose the beat you want to purchase the list. Click the Add (+) Button located next to the beat.

Step 2: You should see the license options as you click the Add button. Select the license you require. Choose $20 for MP3 Basic Lease, $35 for WAV Unlimited Lease, and $80 for TrackOut Lease

Step 3: If you wish to go ahead, click the checkout button that will appear on the page.

Step 4: A new page will open, taking you to the checkout page. Your order will appear on the page. Be sure to double check your order before proceeding. You can now enter your details: Name and email. If you are not registered yet, check the register checkbox and wait for a temporary password in your email. Check the license terms and agreements and click pay with PayPal. Confirmation details will pop up. You will have the option to edit your details or proceed. If you are ready, click on “My Details are Correct”. You will be redirected to PayPal. Enter your PayPal details and proceed with the payment.

Step 5: If your PayPal payment is successful, your order will go through. You should receive the download links to your purchased beats to your PayPal Email Address. Check your spam or junk folder just in case you don’t see it in your Inbox. Enjoy your order and access your beats!

MP3 Basic Lease, WAV Unlimited Lease, TrackOut Lease

In this section, I will explain to you the difference of licensing options on my website.

MP3 Basic Lease

Here is a list of what you get with an MP3 Basic Lease

-2000 distribution copies
-Unlimited Free downloads

WAV Unlimited Lease

For WAV Unlimited Lease, you get:

-100 Paid Performances
-1 Music Video
-5000 Audio Screams
-2000 Video streams
-2 Radio stations

With both plan types (WAV Unlimited Lease and TrackOut Lease), you get:

-Unlimited distribution copies
-Unlimited free downloads
-Unlimited non-profit performances

TrackOut Lease

With TrackOut Lease, you get all of the above but you also get

-Unlimited Paid performances
-Unlimited music videos
-Unlimited audio streams
-Unlimited video streams
-Unlimited radio stations

How to apply discount code

To apply for an access or discount code to your order, click the add coupon button on my page. Enter the discount code into the text field, then click “Apply Coupon”. If the discount code you entered was successfully applied, you’ll see the price of the beat at a discounted price.

What are package discounts

Make the most of your beats and save money through our package discount options.

The following are the package discounts available on my page. Please note that only beats with a % discount icon are amenable to package discounts.

MP3 Basic Lease
You get 2 beats for only $25
You get 5 beats for only $50

WAV Unlimited Lease
You get 2 beats for only $35
You get 5 beats for only $70

TrackOut Lease
You get 2 beats for only $100
You get 5 beats for only $200

We encourage you to avail of the package discounts to get more value for your money.

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