Whether you are a music producer, rapper or you are a freelancer who needs to deal with hundreds of tasks on a daily basis, then here’s a perfect app for you. “Todoist” is a market-leading productivity app which can help individuals and teams organize their day-to-day tasks. For example, this app is designed in such a way that it can track all your segregated tasks, projects, goals, and milestones through a simple and single platform. With “Todoist”, you can now easily manage tasks and projects anywhere –
at your home or at your workplace. Know more about this incredible and useful productivity app in the following sections.


Why Should You Use “Todoist”?


As a music producer/rapper, you certainly have loads of responsibilities that need to be accomplished within the stipulated timeline. That’s why it is quite easy to become overwhelmed by such a vast quantity of tasks that you need to do on a day-to-day basis. Isn’t it? Well, with “Todoist”, you can now easily organize your tasks, make them more manageable, and feel more grounded. Obviously, seeing a clear outline of both uncompleted and completed tasks will let you feel organized and you’ll stay mentally focused. Let’s now reveal key features of this app that will help you organize your projects and tasks & optimize your productivity.


Key Features of Todoist


I) Create Sub Tasks: With this app, you can easily break down big tasks into multiple smaller sub-tasks.

II) Create Sub Projects: Todoist app also allows you to manage complexity by breaking down big projects into multiple smaller sub-projects.

III) Share and Collaborate: With this app, you can delegate tasks, share projects, and discuss various details – on any platform or device!

IV) Notifications: You will also be notified whenever important changes happen through push notifications or emails.

V) Assign Dates: This productivity boosting app allows you to add due dates against each individual task. For example, you can add due dates in normal languages, for example, Monday at 11 am. Even more, you can also add recurring or repeating due dates. For an instance, you can write recurring due dates i.e. every Friday at 8 am.

VI) Real-time Data Synchronization: This advanced app even allows real-time data synchronization across all platforms and devices.

VII) Multiple Priorities: By using Todoist’s color-coded priority levels, you can easily assign priority.

VIII) Visualize Your Productivity: With Todoist Karma, you can track your productivity & visualize your achievement trends over the time.

IX) Reminders: You will easily get reminders through push notifications, emails, or SMS. Furthermore, you can get location-based alerts while on‑the‑go.

X) Comments: Against each of your tasks, you can also add comments or attach spreadsheets, photos, PDFs.

XI) Labels and Filters: Todoist allows you to create custom filters which fit your workflow. You can also put tasks into contexts through labels, an efficient way to become more organized.

XII) Multi-platform Compatibility: This app is compatible with different platforms, such as Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and web.


The Final Verdict: With this, you have now revealed twelve important features of Todoist that proves how this powerful app can help you to organize your day-to-day work more efficiently and effectively.




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