Here are some common questions that bother our clients. However, you need not to worry, as Hugiz Records experts are always there to support your work. If you have any additional question, contact with us today!


Where can I hear your work?

Please check this YOUTUBE PLAYLIST, there you will find artists we worked with lately.

How do I prepare my Mix?

You can either send us your Pro tools, or Ableton session. If you don’t use any of those 2 DAWS then you will need to export each track as a WAV file from the beginning of the session so that when everything is dropped into our DAW it all lines up correctly.

How many revisions do I get?

We will work on your song until you are satisfied with it. Our main tool for completing your song effectively and efficiently will be our live stream sessions.

What gear is Hugiz Records using?

See our gear in action on INSTAGRAM account.

What WAV file settings do I send you?

We prefer 44,100khz 24bit.

What is the best way to send my work?

Google Drive, WeTransfer, and Dropbox.

My vocals are a bit out of tune. Can you edit them?

Absolutely. We use AutoTune®, Melodyne® and Ableton Live® to manually edit your tracks to perfection.

How long will you keep my project?

Your project will be safe on our server at least for one year. If you will need revision after 6 months we will do it!


How will "Production Toolkit" be delivered?

“Production Toolkit” is delivered digitally. Your items will be sent to the email address you provide during your order, in a zipped file ready for you to download and use straight away.

Will "Production Toolkit" work with my software?

Our sounds and midi patterns are provided in WAV and MIDI format – which is suitable for all major software/keyboards/workstations. 

How long will it take to get my items?

Your items are sent to you automatically by email after your order. You will usually get your items in under two minutes!

Are these sounds royality-free?

Yes, you are free to use all our samples however you wish – with no royalty fees due, ever!

What format are the samples in "Production Toolkit"?

Our samples are in .WAV format (24 bit, sample rate 44.1 unless otherwise stated) and are fit for use in music software or workstation.