The Hugiz Records Masterclass helps everyone who deals with music. No matter if you are a professional or an amateur – we will teach you everything you need to know about music. From creating better productions, mixes or songs, through the action plan, to marketing, selling and making money from your passion.

During one session you will master the art of growth as an artist or producer.














Well-Knit Marketing Strategies

Our specialists will provide instructions and techniques to increase the fanbase on social media. We will help you create an eye-catching profile on Facebook and Instagram.

Monetization of the Music

If you are good at making music, then with the help of our tutorials, you can streamline your music on online stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc. We can also help you in selling beats at popular sites like Beatstars and many more.

Development of Your Brand

Our online coaching helps the music industry producers in developing their brands. The 30 minutes session will help them to learn the ins and outs of the beat making and leasing it out. Our 1-hour session designed for the producers will help them to learn about the Facebook Ads, secrets related to beat selling and creation of their beat stores.

Your Music Website

We help you to create a professional music website that will appeal to your onlookers and clients.

Secrets Relative to Production of Music

Our experts provide music production secrets that involve preparing of the beats, vocals, recording of quality records, etc.

Mix & Mastering Secrets

Our Mix/Mastering Secrets involve providing knowledge about cleaning and tuning of the music pitch. We also provide knowledge about analog plugins or the shaping techniques.

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How can we help you?

As a music producer and beatmaker, Hugiz Records can transmit you the practical knowledge about beats selling, marketing and monetising your music. You will get to know only proven techniques that can get your production, mix or song to the next level.

We offer Hugiz Records Masterclass, as we are professional music engineers. We finished the studies at DBS Music in Berlin and were trained by experts working with Beyonce and Wu-Tang Clan. We’re Social Media experts, who teach strategies to build interesting social media profiles. We show the secrets of mixing, mastering and music production. We focus on artists and help them develop further their skills and grow their fan base.


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How will the Hugiz Records Masterclass help you?

Hugiz Records Masterclass is here to solve all your problems related to music production, earning money on music and getting involved in the music industry. Below is a list of some of the biggest frustrations of music producers, artists and engineers, which we will help you solve in 30 minutes!

Growing the fan following on Social Media profile

Starting or growing your career in the music industry

Production of catchy beats and selling them online

Getting clients for beats, mixes, songs

Creating a great mixes and mastering songs

The recommended gear and software that you really need


What People Are Saying

Hugiz Records is an irreplaceable company. I’m running the SoundsOfStreet studio, have been for nearly 5 years. I have been working with Hugiz Records for over 3 years. They service their customers fully independently. Opinions on the effects of their work are always positive. The relations with the customer are always kind and professional. They work outstandingly effectively, thoroughly, and are well organized. A lot of compliments, I recommend them to both individual customers that need their content worked on professionally, and recording studios that want to share incoming customer orders.


Artist, Studio Owner

Working with Hugiz Records was a great pleasure. They are a skilled producers and knows what their doing. When it comes to mix and mastering, Hugiz Records engineers are a patient and eager workers and makes sure the final product satisfies his customers to 100%.

Their knowledge of musical production is incredible, so besides listening to the customers will, they are able to give good advise and improve music both technically and musically.



Calm, focus, passion, professionalism. Everything on time. Everything refined to the smallest detail. Creating in such a place is a pure pleasure – you only need to put on headphones, concentrate on what plays in your heard, and give it your best.

Thank you, Hugiz Records!


Artist, Author of the "Patrzę Obserwuję" album, which was created entirely within Hugiz Records

Feedback Packs

If you prefer to get feedback about your music, you can send us your songs and productions. We will thoroughly listen to your music and provide you with constructive email feedback. Feedback includes a single song package, five or the entire album with ten songs. This will allow you not only to improve music but also to develop the skills necessary to work as a music producer or artist.


Here are some common questions that bother our clients. However, you need not to worry, as Hugiz Records experts are always there to support your work.

If you have any additional question, contact with us today!

Do Music Masterclass or Feedback Packs really help?

Yes, the individual online coaching and Feedback packs genuinely help since one gets a hint on aspect he or she needs to work on, like the usage of bass, vocals, beats, etc. Thanks to it, you will know what you’re good at and what you need to change to achieve your goals.

Will the 30 minutes or the 1-hour session help me to grow?

Both types of sessions will help to improve the quality of your work. When you choose a 30-minute masterclass, after four weeks we will meet again to discuss your progress. In the case of a one-hour session, you will learn more about creating music, and we will jointly specify your action plan for the next six months. After four weeks we will meet to check the progress and update the strategy.

How can I know that you're a real professional?

We gained our knowledge at the DBS Music University in Berlin and were trained by experts working with Beyonce and Wu-Tang Clan. Also, over the years of our international activity, we have gained the necessary experience and practical knowledge that we want to give you during our session.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, from classic transfer to card payment, PayPal and Tpay.

Where can I hear your work?

Check out this YouTube playlist, where you’ll find the artists we’ve recently collaborated with.

Will the coaching help in learning ins and outs of Music Industry?

Individual consultations cover almost every aspect related to the music industry, such as beat sales, distribution and purchase of beats, music production, mixing, mastering, recording songs, building a brand and attracting new listeners. Additionally, during the session, we will answer all your questions regarding work as an artist or music producer and suggest how you can turn your passion into a source of income.

Are the samples compatible with my software?

Our Sample Pack is compatible with all music creation softwares and platforms, e.g. ProTools®, Fruity Loops®, Ableton®, Reason®, Logic®.

How long do I need to wait for a session?

After paying, you can order an online session here. We can talk even tomorrow!

What gear does Hugiz Records use?

See our gear in action on INSTAGRAM!

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Are you looking for mentoring or lessons that will actually help you grow your musical career? In that case, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us and help yourself!