Bored of same music background that does not provide an advantage to your great lyrics? Go no further, Hugiz Records provides Mix/Mastering Service to any music artist who is either amateur or a seasoned pro in this line. We cater to the diverse musical needs of the clients, whether they have recorded their song in a Professional Studio or the Home Studio. We extend services to various artists who can be a rapper, song enthusiast who works out of passion, professional artist or a producer.


We Help Create the Music the Way You Want!

Our Mix/Mastering Online service satisfies many aspects of the mixing and mastering of the music track by any artist. At Hugiz Records Online mix/mastering studio, our professional team combines various channels like drums, vocals, bass, keyboards, guitars, etc. into one stereo file. We also possess the necessary equipment for the qualified mixing that requires years of experience and deep knowledge about major record tracks and their quality standard. Our team uses expensive studio gear at harmonised musical rooms.

Unlimited Revision

Our engineers will carry out an unlimited revision of the song mixes and audio until the client is satisfied.

Deliver Concert Version & Instrumental & Acapella

After finalisation of the song, our professionals will send you the Acapella and Instrumental WAV format files. We will also prepare a concert version when you need it.

Profesionally mixed track

Our professionals are familiar with the sounds for different music types. They treat the audio mix with right analog plugins, shaping techniques and converters to provide warm low punch to final music.

Contact through the Whole Process

Our engineers will maintain contact with artists through the whole process of mixing and mastering until the desired results are received.

The best quality file

We deliver the most excellent audio quality for Mix/Mastering Service. It includes audio of 24bit 44,100kHz and 16bit 44,100 kHz for online streaming and commercial release.

Pitch and time Correction

By rendering clean tuning and rhythm under pitch and time correction, the song composed by the artist gets a sound like a pro.

You will get it all already

with our entry price!

Do you want to order Mastering only?

Order high-quality mastering by Hugiz Records.

Do you want to order Mastering only?

Order high-quality mastering by Hugiz Records.

Common Problems We Solve

Are you feeling frustrated while mixing and mastering the song? Or just looking for an affordable service for Mix/Mastering? Few artists end up using the cheap mixing or mastering services. Your music tracks will sound dull and lifeless, which will never appeal to your audience. If you are not using our professional services, then you may end up facing problems like:


A problem with using Auto-Tune


Weak and flat sounds


Tracks may sound like bedroom demos


Your beats aren't selling because of flat sound


Problem occurring out of noisy tracks


Problem with pitch timing and correction of music


How We Can Help You

We understand the different needs of Mix/Mastering from distinct people. We can help you if:

You are a rap artist, producer, band, overall music artist, and vocalist and need mixing and mastering service before releasing your music track.

The bad sound recording has disturbed your production.

You wish to podcast, voiceover, speaks on videos, or offering a voice for the audio recording of the book, and need a clear and sound professional voice.

You are an artist and want to make changes before the final release of your song.


What People Are Saying

Hugiz Records is a unique company. I’m running the SoundsOfStreet studio, have been for nearly five years. I have been working with Hugiz Records for over three years. They service their customers entirely independently. Opinions on the effects of their work are always positive. The relations with the customer are always kind and professional. They work outstandingly effectively, thoroughly, and are well organised. A lot of compliments, I recommend them to both individual customers that need their content worked on professionally and recording studios that want to share incoming customer orders.


Artist, Studio Owner

Working with Hugiz Records was a great pleasure. They are skilled producers and knows what they’re doing. When it comes to mixing and mastering, Hugiz Records engineers are a patient and eager workers and makes sure the final product satisfies his customers to 100%.

Their knowledge of music production is incredible, so besides listening to the customers will, they are able to give good advise and improve music both technically and musically.



Calm, focus, passion, professionalism. Everything on time. Everything refined to the smallest detail. Creating in such a place is a pure pleasure – you only need to put on headphones, concentrate on what plays in your heard, and give it your best.

Thank you, Hugiz Records!


Artist, Author of the "Patrzę Obserwuję" album, which was created entirely within Hugiz Records


Here are some common questions that bother our clients. However, you don’t need to worry, as Hugiz Records experts are always there to support your work.

If you have any additional question, contact with us today!

Where can I hear your work?

Please check this YOUTUBE PLAYLIST; there you will find artists we worked with last time.

How do I prepare my Mix?

You can either send us your Pro Tools®, or Ableton® session. If you don’t use any of those 2 DAWS, then you will need to export each track as a WAV file from the beginning of the session so that when everything is dropped into our DAW it all lines up correctly.

How many revisions do I get?

We will work on your song until you are satisfied with it. Our main tool for completing your song effectively and efficiently will be our live stream sessions.

What WAV file settings do I send you?

We prefer 44,100khz 24bit.

What is the best way to send the material?

Google Drive, WeTransfer, and Dropbox.

My vocals are a bit out of tune. Can You edit them?

Absolutely. We use AutoTune®, Melodyne® and Ableton Live® to edit your tracks to perfection manually.

How long will you keep my project?

Your project will be safe on our server at least for one year. If you need a revision after six months, we will do it!

What gear does Hugiz Records use?

See our gear in action on INSTAGRAM!

Ready to get started?

Are you looking forward to the right online mix/mastering studio that caters for your all demands at affordable prices? Then, Hugiz Records is your one-stop answer to Mix/Mastering Service.

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