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We help artists, bands, and producers achieve the best sound for their music and giving listeners the best experience.

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Getting that perfect mix and mastering of music can be exhausting. Let us take a weight off your shoulder.

You want your music to sound great. But that sounds like a full-time job and you're already busy enough. That's why our sound engineers will take your sound to the next level, regardless of genre.


Bring out the best sound of your music.

Save time by letting us do the work for you. We know all the latest trends and needs of each genre, so we can help you achieve perfection in sound.


Quality sound.

If your track sounds flat or uninspiring, we can bring out the best in it with a bit of polish and the help of our professional audio engineers.


We do what the song needs.

A mix can fix even a poor quality recording. And a well-recorded track will gain a new, fuller sound. With tools to fix any audio problem, we'll help you create the best sounding track possible.

Our happy customers

Read reviews from customers who have used our services for years.

"I have always admired the way they rise to any challenge.
Over my years of working with Hugiz Records, I consistently experienced their professionalism and passion for music. Thanks to them, projects which took me months were quickly completed at a high level. Their creativity and organization is amazing as well!

Image of a pop singer, Laura Lunya Kozlowski.
Pop singer

"I can't say enough good things about Hugiz Records!
They're extremely reliable and got all the bases covered when it comes to customer service too! I recommend cooperation both to individual clients who want someone to take care of their material, as well as any recording studio that wants some help filling orders from clients. Hugiz Records is an irreplaceable company!"

Image of a rapper, Artur Theodor Lewandowski.
Rapper, Founder of SoundOfStreets Studio

"I got the first version of my song after a day and a half!
As soon as I asked a question, they had an answer right away. The cooperation went like a dream - smoothly, on time and in an excellent atmosphere! What's more is that it resulted in a great final result of their work!"

Image of a rapper.

"They made sure the technical track sounded professional and creative, all while still fulfilling my expectations!
The timbre of the voice was exactly what I wanted and the punctuation was perfect too! My expectations were fulfilled in 100%.
At first listen, it gave me shivers!"

Image of a rapper.
Thomas K.
Professional Mix & Mastering Service

When you order Mix & Mastering from us, here's what you get:

Ready mix in 72h.

Get a professionally mixed and mastered piece of music in 3 business days or less! You can get it faster, but we won't rush through the quality.

24/7 support.

Our team of experts will help you get the perfect sound for your song and answer any questions you might have.

Unlimited changes.

We'll listen to your feedback and make changes to the mix until you're happy - with no extra charge.

Different versions of the song.

Do you need a live version? A CD version or an instrumental? Maybe a dedicated version for online streamings? We can give you all of that and more!


The best sounding music in every genre, for any budget.

We mix and master all genres of music, from hip-hop to rock, pop to rap and more. Whatever your budget is or your needs are, we have the expertise to provide you with the perfect sound.


Lunya - "Reaching"

  • Accomplished goals in this piece:
  • check
    Dynamic bass,
  • check
    Creative vocal effects,
  • check
    Powerful chorus.

"I appreciate their organization, knowledge and creative approach to music. They always rise to the occasion."

Image of a pop singer, Laura Lunya Kozlowski.

Laura "Lunya" Kozlowski
Pop singer


Brodie Reveir - "I'm Human"

  • Accomplished goals in this piece:
  • check
    Strong, wide chorus,
  • check
    Creative vocal effects,
  • check
    Dynamic bass.

“I really like it! Great job!”

Brodie ReveirRap Artist


YoungMe - "Blank Canvas"

  • Accomplished goals in this piece:
  • check
    Creative Auto-tune effects,
  • check
    Powerful distorted bass,
  • check
    Dynamic ad-libs.

“It's great! 😉 Nothing to add, nothing less.”

YoungMERap Artist


GED - "Come Together"

  • Accomplished goals in this piece:
  • check
    Powerful drums,
  • check
    Dynamic guitar solo,
  • check
    Strong, Wide Chorus.

“Fast and professional job!”

Grzegorz ŚwierkRock Vocalist


Luminate - "Ocean Breeze"

  • Realized goals in this piece:
  • check
    Dynamic transitions,
  • check
    Energetic rhythm,
  • check
    Consistency of instruments.

John Mayer - "Say"
(Cover by Ela & Olaf)

  • Realized goals in this piece:
  • check
    Emotional vocals,
  • check
    Spacey guitars,
  • check
    Consistency of instruments.

"There is constant support and quick response to questions at Hugiz Records. You don't have to search the Internet for information on your own."

Image of a singer Ela Samosiuk.

Ela SamosiukVocalist, Singing teacher

You can find more selected projects on the playlist.


Get perfect vocals.

We'll tune the vocal manually and add effects like Auto-Tune so it sounds perfect, every time.


Get creative effects with your mix.

Creative sound effects will make your song unique and will give it a new dimension. We do this for free with all our services.


Get your music mixed in 72 hours.

You will get a first version of professionally mixed piece of music in 3 business days or less!


Our quick, proven process for making your music sound better.

With us, you get it all: professional service, analogue sound and fast processing. See our mixing and mastering process below:

Place an order.

Order your mix and mastering using the secure payment gateway on our website.

Send your track.

Once we receive your track, we start working right away and within 72h you will see the results.

Get the first version of the mix and send your feedback.

You will receive the first version, and we will make any changes right away.

Get the final version.

You will receive the finished song in several versions, incl. for online streaming or for an album.

Proces Mix Mastering Online
Get SystemFlow

Zobacz Efekty przed i Po

Get hundreds of pre-built classes for spacing, typography, color, alignment, and more. From checkboxes and buttons to ready-made hero sections and contact forms – get components for almost any layout.

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All-Inclusive Service

What makes our approach different?

We focus on your satisfaction and that of your listeners, so with us you get additional services with no extra charge. See below:

Mix Mastering Poprawki

Your music. Your vision.

We will work on your music until it sounds the absolute best and is perfect for you. This means that we'll make any amendments necessary to get you there. Our goal is for you to be fully satisfied with the end results, so don't hesitate to ask us for help!

Image of a rap artist Harmala.

"I couldn't do it. And Hugiz Records did! Effective collaboration and full understanding of the proposed corrections, which were few in number. Already the first version of the song was great!"


Mix Mastering Poprawki
Mix Mastering Sporify
Mix Mastering Sporify

Get the same sound quality everywhere.

No matter where you want to release your music, we will prepare a dedicated version of your song for Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms. It will sound perfect no matter where people listen to it.

Image of a rap artist Michal Murawski.

"A seamless and quick collaboration at the highest level. The track was perfectly prepared for distribution on streaming platforms, and Hugiz Records also used creative mixing to make it sound better!"

Michael M.

Professional studio & analog sound.

We have perfect acoustics, a sound system, and analogue mastering that gives you the best sound quality possible. Moreover, we can hear every element and make precise changes. Whether you're looking for music mixing, mastering, or just advice - we're here to help you.


Choose the package

With our different packages, you can get your tracks mixed or mastered to your needs. Choose the package that suits you best!

Analog Mastering
Analog mastering is the final stage of our work on your music. You can be confident that it has been finished to the highest standard and follows strict guidelines to ensure that it plays back correctly across a variety of devices.
What you get:
  • check
    Analog Mastering
  • check
    Unlimited revisions
  • check
    Fast delivery in 72h
  • check
    Additional song versions
  • check
    Contact with the engineer
Mix & Mastering up to 10 steams
Steams are individual audio tracks. Count how many separate tracks you have in the song - that's your steam count for the mix.
What you get:
  • check
    Mixing and mastering up to 10 steams
  • check
    Unlimited revisions
  • check
    Fast delivery in 72h
  • check
    Additional song versions
  • check
    Contact with the engineer
Mix & Mastering up to 40 steams
Steams are individual audio tracks. Count how many separate tracks you have in the song - that's your steam count for the mix.
What you get:
  • check
    Mixing and mastering up to 40 steams
  • check
    Unlimited revisions
  • check
    Fast delivery in 72h
  • check
    Additional song versions
  • check
    Contact with the engineer
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Have more steams? Click here
or contact us: info@hugizrecords.com

Have more steams?
Click here
or contact us: info@hugizrecords.com

No risk, 100% refund.

We're confident in our services, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't like the result of our service, we'll refund your money. No questions asked.

What our clients say?

"I create 'part-time' and have limited time to do so. I was looking for someone to take on the mixing, and Hugiz Records turned out to be a great choice! They were super helpful with their efficient communication and adding some "flavor" to my track."

Image of a rap artist and music producent Michal Wegrzyn.
Michael W.
Music Producer/Trip Hop

"It is as they write on the website. Fast and efficient, no communication issues whatsoever. Their process is well organized and the final product comes back after a short time. They take into account what you want and so, I will recommend them."

Music Producer/Electro

"Full professionalism from start to finish!
I liked the mix first time around and had no comments. We talked constantly, so everything went perfect and quickly."

Image of a rap artist Michal Wojciech.
Michael W.

"I really appreciate the fact that I could receive all my tracks for a project done in such a short time. Mix was done very professionally, and with expert advice. It is clear this team is fully committed to providing you with great work!"

Image of a rap artist Radar.

"Hugiz Records' knowledge and skills in music are vast! They pass on a ton of additional useful advice to their customers. They improved our music, took care of the mixing / mastering and gave us a huge amount of value."

Image of a rock band Chnnls.
Rock band

"Calm, focused, passionate, professional. Everything on time. Everything perfected in every inch. Creating in such a place is a pure pleasure - all you have to do is to put on the headphones and concentrate on what's in your heart!"

Logo of a rap artist Kedyf.

"For an affordable price they will make your music until it rocks!
I got the track faster than they declare, as in 24 hours and everything was good right away. And if you want to make corrections you get a new mix in a few hours. Professionals in every way!

Image of a rap artist Milosz L.
Milosz L.

"Great for musicians who have trouble closing projects and publishing
due to lack of mixing and mastering skills. It's a better solution than physically going to a studio. It's faster and simpler. You can't be unhappy."

Image of a music producent and gitarrist Kuba Nowak.
Jacob N.
Music Producer/Guitarist

"Unlimited revisions make sure everyone gets a 100% satisfactory result. Hugiz Records allowed me to enter a new level of music! Individual approach to the client, valuable tips and very fast turnaround time. I recommend to every artist who appreciates professionalism!"

Image of a rap artist NVL Monza.
NVL Monza

Who are we?

Mixing and mastering music isn’t easy. It takes a lot of experience, training, and skill to get it right. You need an experienced engineer with a trained ear to make sure every sound balances together perfectly. That's why we created Hugiz Records - to help you get the best sounding music.

Hugiz Records was created by Tom Moskalski. He studied music production and sound engineering at DBS Music University in Berlin and learned from teachers working with Beyonce, Adele, Nine Inch Nails and Wu Tang Clan, among others.

Our team has worked with thousands of artists and bands in every genre, composed music for commercials, games and more. We know what it takes to make your music shine.

Picture of Hugiz Record's mixing and mastering team.

Questions & Answers

If you would like to ask about anything, please contact us at info@hugizrecords.com.

What are the steams?

Steams are individual audio tracks. Count how many separate audio tracks you have in a song. That will be your steam count.

I record in the studio. How do I give you a track to mix?

All you have to do is ask the studio's producer for tracks adapted to the mix. We have prepared a ready message for you.

Message to the studio →
My vocals are a little out of tune. Can you guys address this?

Of course. We use Auto-Tune, Melodyne and Ableton Live to manually fine-tune the sound of your vocals.

Is the resulting mix ready for publication?

Yes. The final version you receive from us is prepared according to YouTube guidelines so that the song sounds its best when released. If you need additional versions of a song for streaming or CD, let us know and we'll make them for you.

How many times can I ask for a correction?

We will work on your song until you are completely satisfied with it. In one affordable price, we offer you a mixing and mastering service where you get as many revisions as you need from us.

Will I receive the highest quality file?

Yes! You will receive an audio file in excellent quality in 24 bit 44.100 kHz and 16 bit 44.100 kHz format for online streaming and commercial use.

How do I prepare my tracks for mixing?

Export each track separately and upload them in WAV format (preferably 44.100 kHz 24 bit). Each track should be exported from the beginning of the session so that when uploaded to our DAW, they will all be sequenced correctly.

What is the best way to send you material?

After placing your order, we will send you a special link to Google Drive where you can conveniently upload your files.

What is a reference song?

This is a track by you or another artist whose sound you like and whose sound is a model and inspiration for you. If you would like to achieve a similar effect in your track, please send us a link or attach it to your tracks folder. This way we will be able to better reflect your idea.

Let's provide the best sounding music to your listeners.

Professional mix and mastering of your music is only a click away. Our sound engineers will make sure that you don’t have to compromise on quality and save time by letting us do the work for you.