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5 Vital Tips for Beginners to Sell Beats Online

There are versatile options available online to sell beats online for the beginners, but it is you who has to decide which platforms seem best for selling the beats. One can make huge money if they sell beats tutorial or terrific hip-hop instrumental beats. The only...

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4 Fast Tips to Apply to Produce Better Beats

Most of the artists possess beatmaking information and music production at their fingertips, but it becomes difficult for them to apply the information they have in a proper way. It is very important to keep abreast of the techniques on how to produce better beats....

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Easy Hip Hop Chord Progressions to Use in your Beats!

Hip Hop music has taken the world by storm, and though it has been around for quite some time it is now that people universally are appreciating it. If you have started listening to some of the top names in this genre of music, and are trying to play or sing along,...

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Better Techniques and Tips for Kick Drum to Sound Good

The kick drum techniques include a right mix of saturation, equalizer, and compression. This will give a nice separation or the definition of Mixing kick drum. The kick is an important factor in many musical scenarios. The right mix of the kick can be challenging as...

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