Times are changing in the music industry, and though there are talks about internet ruining it and all, music producers or beat makers are making money. How do music producers make money? This is a question that might be in the minds of those who are just planning to become a full-time professional music producer. There are x ways beat makers earn money and not just by collaborating with a big music label that we shall discuss now.

  1. Start producing with limited resources
    If you are starting from a home studio, then you might be able to work on limited resources and yet, your music will go out and make the right noise. Make sure that with each production, you level up your studio set up.
  2. Sell sound kits and drum patterns & Vst’s
    There is a thriving market where composers and musicians are on the lookout for beats and samples to insert in their jingles and songs. The market is open for those who can sell polished and ready samples online at the right time to music labels and musicians.
  3. Get royalties
    There are two types of royalties- performance and mechanical royalties that you, as a music producer can collect. You can collect these when someone downloads or performs these songs. However, you would need to register for becoming eligible to get that.
  4. Professional mixing and production services
    Offering these services to a musician or to a production house is a feasible way to earn well as a music producer. If your music is polished and has won hearts with almost all the mixes, then you can certainly look forward to earning this way here.
  5. Selling beats
    There are a few reputed websites online where you can try to sell beats for hip-hop This would mean that you just make the beats and sell them to those who are looking for well-produced beats.
  6. Monetizing via tutorials
    The internet comes to the rescue once again and those aiming to earn by teaching music can do so here. Only make sure that your music content is a little unique.
  7. Selling merchandise
    It is not merely big and popular musicians can do it. Even music producers can come up with merchandise that can have cool graphic t-shirts and other such items. Selling them via online platforms like eBay or Shopify can bring in revenue too.

Answering your question of how do beat makers do make money, are these seven effective ways that are easy to take up and great for generating revenue.