Easy Hip Hop Chord Progressions to Use in your Beats!


Hip Hop music has taken the world by storm, and though it has been around for quite some time it is now that people universally are appreciating it. If you have started listening to some of the top names in this genre of music, and are trying to play or sing along, then it is time for you to know the chord progressions. There are single chord progressions and other specifications too available that work fine.

Hip hop music chord progressions are as varied just as in any other genre of music. However, if you wish to try out hip hop chords here are a few ideas.

Inversions: If you are trying to play on the keyboard, then make sure that you know the minors from the major. The inversions also are going to come in handy and whether it is E minor 1st inversion or A minor 1st inversion, do not get confused. Just try to listen and keep an eye on the keyboard and ears on the melody to get it right.

Learn the chord progressions in C Major: One of the most favorite chords of all musicians in the hip hop genre has to be the C Major. The tunes can be on C-E-G-C or you across the scales of 1, 3, and 5 primarily. However, adjusting the bars will be essential if you seek variety.

The Minors of 2-5-1 Progression: Just like the majors and the chords, the minors also carry great value in the hip hop music industry. The minors of 2, 5, 1 are in well-liked tracks that create a soulful rendition on bars.

The I Minor first and V Minor fifth: These two are quite popular among the legends in hip hop and rap and there are songs in this style that are appealing. Listen to those while taking inspiration from these beats.

Points to note before trying new progression:

It is definitely worth a try to go for the famous and done to death hip hop chord progressions. But music is ready for innovation and just limiting oneself with these chords will be a harsh thing to do to music as a whole.

Do not worry about rhythms. Let the words flow and just be cautious to match the beat while remembering the lyrics and tones right.

Let the hip hop music sway you as much as you enchant your audience.