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We worked with labels, companies, number of artists and music producers.


We cater to the diverse musical needs of the clients, whether they have recorded their song in a Professional Studio or the Home Studio.


We specialize in producing hip-hop, trap and electronics. We also deal with the realization of music for games, movies and commercials.

Sound Kits

Supercharge Your Productions with the “Production Toolkit”. Our Kit Includes premium, pre-mixed sounds, midi patterns and tunes to jumpstart your next project.

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Music Studio

The studio has been acoustically treated in accordance with all requirements regarding the correct reception of sound, which ensures optimal working conditions and makes it possible to achieve the best results when mixing/mastering projects and producing music and beats.

what people say


Hugiz Records is a unique company. I’m running the SoundsOfStreet studio for nearly five years. I have been working with Hugiz Records for over three years. They serve customers entirely independently. Opinions on the effects of their work are always positive. They manage customers relationships very professionally. They work exceptionally effectively, thoroughly, and are well organised. A lot of compliments, I recommend them to both individual customers that need their content worked on professionally and recording studios that want to share incoming customer orders.


Artist, Studio Owner

Working with Hugiz Records was a great pleasure. They are skilled producers who know what they’re doing. When it comes to mixing and mastering, Hugiz Records engineers are patient, and enthusiastic workers, who ensure the final product satisfies their customers to 100%.

Their knowledge of music production is incredible, so besides listening to the customers wants, they can give a piece of good advise and improve your music both technically and musically.



Calm, focus, passion, professionalism. Everything delivered in time. Everything refined to the smallest detail. Creating in such a place is a pure pleasure – you only need to put on headphones, concentrate on what plays in your heard, and give it your best.

Thank you, Hugiz Records!


Artist, Author of the album "Patrzę Obserwuję", which was created and released by Hugiz Records

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