10 Things To Avoid While Producing A Music & BeatMaking


It is enjoyable to listen to music and the music industry gets thousands of aspiring musicians releasing their tracks just with the hope of becoming famous one day.

But while starting to produce music, people often commit a few mistakes.

Here are the top 10 things to avoid while making music or beat making.

  1. Do not overspend unnecessarily: Yes, it is a temptation that you must resist at all costs. You might feel the urge to spend on big equipment and having plugins that probably will not be necessary at all.
  2. Not listening to new music: It is absolutely essential to stay abreast of the latest happenings and the music that is constantly changing around.
  3. Use too many effects: Computer is great since it gives an ultimate number of patterns and effects. But that does not mean that you use all of them or most of them on one song.
  4. Do not ignore the monitors: Both the performers’ monitor and the studio monitors are your guides to keep the track in check. Timely inspection and checking sound that these give off shall help you a great deal. Do not ignore any glitches that your performer might hear making them go off-tune.
  5. Do not just imitate your idol: Dreaming to be big like your idol is great. But imitating his or her kind of music is not a great way to grow. Most of the new music producers make this mistake of recording music to sound like their idol.
  6. Increase the production of tracks: Do not try to make one good track simply. That will just eat up time, and you will not get to experiment with composing and practice the entire process well enough.
  7. Do not underestimate: Nothing is too simple though things are available these easily online. Making music is all about creativity, and it is not yet manufactured.
  8. Not using presets: These days there are sample packs of beats and effects and though a professional musician might not be using it wholly, it is not wrong to experiment with these at all.
  9. Not taking opinions: Music should ideally appeal to the listeners. Make your friends with music knowledge to listen to your tracks and seek their honest feedback from time to time.
  10. Ignoring social media: Use social media for promotion and release on the internet if you want. Just let your music reach out before approaching a label.