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We worked with labels, companies, number of artists and music producers. 

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You will receive a license to use our productions and release your songs legally.

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Our Music In Action

Listen to our production and find out who we’ve cooperated with!
We create music for everyone, both well-known artists, brands and labels, as well as for talented enthusiasts. In this playlist, we share the selected songs that we co-created. They were awarded gold plates, or the public liked them a lot.

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Music Studio

We work in an optimally adapted music studio, which is full of the best possible equipment and passion. We are a group of well-trained music producers and sound engineers who, apart from knowledge, creativity and the best available equipment, also have the love to improve the quality of our clients’ music. See the professional studio that will help us to get even more out of your new song!

what people say


Hugiz Records is a unique company. I’m running the SoundsOfStreet studio, have been for nearly five years. I have been working with Hugiz Records for over three years. They service their customers entirely independently. Opinions on the effects of their work are always positive. The relations with the customer are always kind and professional. They work outstandingly effectively, thoroughly, and are well organised. A lot of compliments, I recommend them to both individual customers that need their content worked on professionally and recording studios that want to share incoming customer orders.


Artist, Studio Owner

Calm, focus, passion, professionalism. Everything delivered in time. Everything refined to the smallest detail. Creating in such a place is a pure pleasure – you only need to put on headphones, concentrate on what plays in your heard, and give it your best.

Thank you, Hugiz Records!


Artist, Author of the album "Patrzę Obserwuję", which was created and released by Hugiz Records

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24/7 we're here for you

Do you not know how to place an order? Do you want to learn more about our services? Or maybe you have questions related to recording your songs? In that case, write to us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

30 days money back guarantee!

You do not bear ANY risk; you can check for 30 days if the beat is for you. If the production does not suit you, we will refund 100% of your money!


Here are some common questions that bother our clients. However, you don’t need to worry, as Hugiz Records experts are always there to support your work.

If you have any additional question, contact with us today!

Who did you cooperate with?

We’ve worked with many artists from around the world, from the Polish music scene, e.g. Sulin, Theodor, Holak, Kedyf 🙂

Where did you learn music production?

We gained our knowledge at the DBS Music University in Berlin. Our teachers were professionals, who cooperated with Beyonce and Wu-Tang Clan.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, from classic transfer to card payment, PayPal and Tpay.

Can I record a song in your studio?

Absolutely! You can make an appointment for a recording session via this link. Our studio is located in Słubice, Poland.

How much do I have to wait for access to the beat after purchase?

You’ll get access right after the payment is posted.

Can I move to a higher version after buying a beat, for example from Basic to Unlimited Lease?

Absolutely! Write to us at and let us know about the changes you would like to make. We’ll be happy to help you 🙂

Where can I hear your work?

Please check out this YouTube playlist. There you will find selected artists with whom we have worked.

What gear do you use?

See our gear in action on Instagram.

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