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10 Easy Tips for Beginners on How To Rap

If you have grown up listening to the likes of Eminem, and cannot even imagine a day without listening to Tupac and Dr. Dre, or Jay Z, you surely know good music. It takes a lot of honing up of skills, and most of it comprises of song-writing skills that dictate your...

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7 Ways Music Producers & Beat Makers Make Money

Times are changing in the music industry, and though there are talks about internet ruining it and all, music producers or beat makers are making money. How do music producers make money? This is a question that might be in the minds of those who are just planning to...

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The Essence of Online Beats Selling 

    As they say, music is food for the soul. A good music producer brings joy and vibrancy into the lives of many. The producer can play this role even more successfully by learning the art of beats selling. There is a lot to be gained by harnessing this...

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